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What We Do

We currently offer therapeutic riding sessions Mondays through to Fridays all day plus Saturday mornings and Hippotherapy sessions on a Monday and Wednesday morning during the school term situated at 77 Monyash Road, Carine.


In addition, over the school holidays, we run Holiday Camps and other fun activities for children of all abilities.

Benefits of RDA


  • Improved balance

  • Strengthening of core muscle groups

  • Improved coordination of both fine and gross motor reflexes

  • Improved respiration and circulation

  • Sensory integration

  • Improvement of hand/eye coordination

  • Increased range of joint mobility


  • General sense of well being

  • Improved self confidence

  • Emotional control and self-discipline

  • Increased interest in the outside world

  • Sense of achievement


  • Remedial reading and mathematics

  • Sequencing, patterning and motor planning

  • Visual spatial awareness


  • Friendship

  • Enjoyment

  • Development of respect and love for animals


Click here to download the latest RDA Carine brochure.

Horse Riding



RDA Carine is an unregistered NDIS provider.

Participants whose NDIS plans are Self-managed and Plan-managed can use their funds to access our program services.

Our quality program services are run by Nationally accredited Coaches in accordance with the NDIS Code of Conduct and Riding for the Disabled Australia regulations.

Our session Support Fee is for the costs associated with the specialised support we provide for people with a disability to access our program activity, not for the horse riding activity itself.

Our services have been categorised as recreational activities and the NDIS funds for our programs are allocated under the line item:

Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities for weekday supports (04_104_0125_6_1).

Our activities are designed to complement conventional therapies and education through the freedom of movement, gaining confidence, creating friendships and achieving individual goals.

How can RDA Carine help support your NDIS plan?


We would like to provide each participant with tailored information to take to their NDIS planning/review session.

This may include a quote for the RDA Carine program, RDA Carine program goals, additional documentation on support needs or anticipated outcomes.

If you are an existing RDA Carine NDIS participant and your plan review is coming up soon, please let your Coach or the Office know.  We will be pleased to provide our Coach Assessment Report, for submission to NDIS. As an outcome focused Report, this supporting documentation, will assist to show the progression with the Benefits and Goals for the participant in the RDA Carine Program.

If you are considering becoming an RDA Carine participant, contact our office for assistance with how to include the RDA Carine program in your NDIS plan

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