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Our Team

Our Committee
Click on image to review biographies of our members

Simltr 136.jpg

Anina Findling


Karla Illingworth.jpg

Karla Illingworth


Simltr 154.jpg
Simltr 144.jpg

Jill Tanner

Committee Member

Russell Lamb- Treasurer_edited_edited.jpg

Russell Lamb

Committee Member

Ian Stuart President_edited.jpg

Ian Stuart

Ex-Officio Member

Simltr 133.jpg

Karla Murphy

Committee Member


Phil Hedgcock

Committee Member


Kellie Harris-Doolan

Committee Member

Jud Milligan_edited_edited.jpg

Jud Milligan

Committee Member

Simltr 149.jpg

Our Staff

RDA 215.jpg

Sarah Lamb

Head Coach

Simltr 157.jpg

Sian Layton

Executive Officer

Jo Massey_edited.jpg

Jo Massey


RDA 251.jpg

Emma Lamb


Suzi Byrne_edited.jpg

Suzi Byrne

Volunteer Mananger

RDA 101.jpg

Charissa Scotford

Hipppotherapy Coordinator

Karan Wordsall_edited.jpg

Karan Worsdell

Administration Manager

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